Random tips on your web site

From this day on; you can publish enderunix tips in your own website. To do this you need to add an html page (rndview.php) as a frame/iframe. For example:

<left><b> EnderUNIX Ipucu </b> </left>
<iframe frameborder=0 scrolling="auto" src ="http://tips.enderunix.org/rndview.php?lang=en" width="100%" ></iframe>

You can select tips from either a general or a specific category.


Available languages are: "tr" for Turkish, "en" for English. Specifies tip category. You do not need to set cid variable for all categories. List of categories avaiable for Turkish: http://tips.enderunix.org/tclist.php?lang=tr

List of categories available for English: http://tips.enderunix.org/tclist.php?lang=en

Example: To publish a random "English" tip from FreeBSD category:


To publicj a random "English" tip from all available categories: