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"LABEL AND CONTROL TAPES!" - Ülkü SAYILAN - (2003-12-10 06:14:55)   [4204]

When you use tapes, remember
to use the rewind/norewind
options in the device name.

For example:

cat (rewind before, no rewind
after operation)

Using this, put a informational
header on the inside of the
tape - including information as
to date produced, type of
tape, system ID, etc.

You would use the following
types of commands:

echo "`date` daily backup `uname`" >/dev/rmt/c0t6d0s0yn
cd /;find . -print|cpio -ovBdc >/dev/rmt/c0t6d0s0ny

This puts a single file at
the start of the tape with the
identifing information. You can
then read this information before
you do the restore.

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