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"CLEANING DIRECTORIES" - Ülkü SAYILAN - (2003-12-10 06:24:17)   [4176]


The creation of many temporary files
in Unix during compilations, occupies
a lot of memory space. This can be
got rid of by using a simple script.

find $1 \( -name a.out -o -name '*.o' -o -name 'core' -o -name '*.ii' -o -name '*.ti' -o -name '*.class' -o -name
'*.pur' \) -exec rm {} \;

Save the above line in a file and run
this file after changing permissions.
For example, if the file containing
the above code has the name 'clean',

example% clean

will remove all the files specified
in the script in the directory and
all other subdirectories within it.
You can add or remove any number of
files in the script, to suit your

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