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"FINDING A STRING" - Ülkü SAYILAN - (2003-12-10 06:26:03)   [3948]


How to find a string somewhere on the system. Many times we are
called to search for a string, but we have no idea where it may
be lurking. Judicious use of the find and grep commands will
make you a hero with your co-workers.

# find . -type f -exec grep "string or options" /dev/null {} \;

Normally using only:
# find . -type f -exec grep "string/options" {} \;

Produces the target string, but you will have no clue as to where
it is located, making this almost as frustrating as using windoze!
Remember when grep'ing against multiple files the filename will be
listed before the match.

$ grep there *
foo:I found the target here
bar:You are there

In our find command we use /dev/null as a file to search against, since
we know the search will always fail if the string is found in "{}" there
filename is printed. To borrow from a famous quote:
"Pretty tricky sis!"

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