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"Colored results with ls" - Özkan KIRIK - (2004-07-27 09:17:32)   [5007]

When you run ls command, to see files in different colors:

if you are using bash:
# export CLICOLOR=-F

if you are using csh:
# setenv CLICOLOR -F

after setting CLICOLOR environment variable, try it as below:

# ls /etc

Output should be colorfull :)

If your Terminal Type is not cons25, you should make a small configuration to your ssh client.
In your ssh client you should define "Terminal Answeback" variable as "xterm-color". If you dont do this, you cant be able to see colors.

If you couldnt find your ssh client's configuration where "Terminal Answerback" variable defined, there is an other way to solve problem:
When you connect to server, define environment variable as TERM=xterm-color. (bash: export TERM=xterm-color, csh: setenv TERM xterm-color)

Try again the ls /etc command.
It is colorfull, isnt it ? :)

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