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"Secure Backups Over Net" - Ülkü SAYILAN - (2004-08-23 11:23:25)   [4205]

Secure Backups Over Net

Securely backup a partition across a network using dd, gzip and SSH:

1. The partition to be backed up must be unmounted.

2. The following does the trick:

dd if=/dev/partition_to_be_backed_up | gzip | ssh user_name@backup.server dd of=name_of_backup_file.gz

As an example, the following backs up an image of a floppy disk:

dd if=/dev/fd0 | gzip | ssh user_name@backup.server dd of=floppy.img.gz

3. To restore a backed-up partition across a network:(From the backup server)

dd if=name_of_backup_file.gz | gzip -d | ssh user_name@target.server dd of=/dev/target_partition

To complete our floppy disk example:
dd if=floppy.img.gz | gzip -d | ssh user_name@target.server dd of=/dev/fd0

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