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"FILES TOO LARGE FOR FLOPPY" - Ülkü SAYILAN - (2003-12-10 13:28:02)   [3625]


Ever want to find the files
that won't fit on a floppy
when you need to do a
doswrite to export something?
This will do it:

find . -size +1440k -exec ls -ld {}\;

Note: This will list the files
in the directory where you are,
that exceed the maximum size
in kilobytes for a high-density
DOS format floppy. Please don't
forget the single dot after
"find" and you can change the
1440k to whatever you want.
(I once had a need to find
stuff that was 3 megabytes and
over to keep out of a directory
so I used +3000k in place of the
+1440k above.)

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