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"Sun Patch Manager 2" - Ömer Faruk Şen - (2005-06-23 13:45:07)   [10053]

Sometimes you have to patch your system in a more up-to-date fashion than X_Cluster.zip files.

To do that you have to use Solaris Patch Manager 2. To do that download required software from:


Note that Sun Patch Manager is for Solaris 8 and Solaris 9.
For Solaris 10 you can use Solaris 10 Update Manager.

# unzip pm2.0_s8_sparc.zip
# cd Patch_Manager_2.0
# ./pmsetup

After installing it run these commands:

# smpatch analyze >plist
# smpatch analyze -x idlist=plist >patch.list
# smpatch download -x idlist=patch.list
# smpatch add -x idlist=patch.plist

That's it. You have the most recent software patches.

For more information see smpatch manual page

Paches have properties associated with them are:


with smpatch you can only install patches with standart properties. To install other patches and standart patches do:

1) smpatch update
2) init S
3) smpatch add -x idlist=/var/sadm/spool/disallowed_patch_list

First step installs standart patches second step enters single user mode and third steps installs disallowed patches while system runs at runlevel 3

NOTE: Sun has decommissioned some of its patch management systems see:
http://sunsolve.sun.com/pub-cgi/show.pl?target=patchpage and http://patchpro.sun.com/servlet/com.sun.patchpro.servlet.PatchProServlet
This note was written as of 1 June 2006

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sun has decided to end Patch Manager 2.0 as of 4 September 2007. So use Sup Update Manager.
Patch Manager Cancelation Web Page:

Sun Update Manager Wiki:

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