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"Fingerprint database" - ÷mer Faruk řen - (2005-06-27 09:41:46)   [5152]

To find out if any file in your environment compromised you can use solaris fingerprint database

To use fingerprint database first go to this page:


# Copy and paste one or more MD5 digital fingerprints into the web form.

# Press submit to view the results.

The following is an example of the results that are returned:

Results of Last Search

5db11820939ed6a2e35f5fb7eb5edf7a - (/usr/sbin/locator) - 1 match(es)

* canonical-path: /usr/sbin/locator
* package: SUNWcsu
* version: 11.8.0,REV=2000.
* architecture: sparc
* source: Solaris 8/SPARC
* patch: 112171-01

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