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"change hostid under Solaris 8" - İsmail Yenigül - (2005-11-25 14:49:22)   [24235]

You may need to change the hostid for licensing issues
when moving a software from one machine to another one.

Here is the procedure:

1. Download hid_solaris2 binary from http://yenigul.net/change_hostid
If you want to compile the code yourself you can download it from http://yenigul.net/change_hostid/hid-1.7.4.tar.gz

2. Save the original hostid to somewhere. (just for safety)

# hostid >/etc/hostid_orig

3. set permission of hid_solaris2 as 755
# chmod 755 /var/hid_solaris2
(I assume that hid_solaris2 is under /var/ directory)

4.To set new hostid (i.e 84abe39d) issue the following command

# /var/hid_solaris2 84abe39d |sh

physmem 2e694
hw_serial: 0x32323130 = 0x32323235
hw_serial+4: 0x39313931 = 0x38353734
hw_serial+8: 0x36390000 = 0x33370000

5. new hostid will be active until next reboot. To enable it again at startup add this command to
solaris startup scripts.

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